Metal and Alloy Testing Lab

Metal and Alloy Testing Lab

Metal and Alloy Testing Lab

NABL authorized metal testing laboratories make sure that metal components are safe, reliable and meet sure regulative standards. Whereas exploitation metal components in your comes or merchandise, you wish to make sure of certain things like characteristics, properties and flaws of the metal. Metal testing lab verifies that the metal components will operate safely in compliance with the specified enfranchisement. NABL authorized Metal Testing Labs in varied states.

Ensure Performance Meet Perfection with KC India

Metallurgical testing is employed in just about each trade and covers a good vary of services, from grain size analysis to fractography. Our Engaged consultants will establish material kind, defects and process errors employing a kind of techniques and instrumentality.
Manufacturers are using higher technology to bring innovative materials to the market. Whereas several ancient science testing ways used for evaluating metals stay an equivalent, metallurgists face a lot of challenges than ever before.
Metallurgical testing focuses on quantifying the properties of metals in conjunction with mechanical testing lab and analysis. Metallography is often accustomed verify material kind, grade or grain size, and to produce certifications for brand new material or mixed batches, microstructure analysis and failure analysis.

Our metallurgical testing capabilities

Metal testing laboratories use the required expertise and latest technology to test mutually traditional metals and advanced alloys. Several of our metallurgical test can be done on-site, or alongside by our experts in one of our state-of the metal testing labs.
Our expert’s metallurgists are experienced in:
• Corrosion
• Fractography
• Material identification
• Macroscopic evaluation
• Microscopic evaluation
• Weld Testing
With metallurgic testing locations across India, we are able to assist with any project, notwithstanding however giant. For additional data concerning our metallurgic testing services or to request a quote, contact us.


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