Bis Testing Lab

Bis Testing Lab

 BIS certification is given by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The BIS certification assures the quality, safety and reliability of a product for the customers. BIS provides certification for products, testing, standards formulation, calibration scheme, hallmarking among other things.  

Though the BIS certification is voluntary, the government has made it mandatory for around 380 products. After acquiring the BIS certification, the licence holders can use the mark of ISI (Indian Standards Institution) on their products.  

Benefits of BIS Certification

 The BIS is a national level body that promotes and regulates standardisation of products and goods quality in India. Mentioned below are the benefits of BIS Certification:

     To attain bis certification, manufacturers need to follow certain standards while manufacturing the product, this assures the quality of the product.

     Products certified by BIS provide high performance and can be relied upon.

     BIS has prohibited the use of certain chemicals and materials to minimise the risk to the environment.

     Products certified by BIS are safe for the public to use.

Product List For Mandatory BIS Certification

     Each and every model of electronic video games need to be BIS Certified.

     All the brands and their each model in India for different products such as Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets must be BIS Certified.

     All the brands and models of Plasma, LCD TV, LED, Smart TV having screen size of 32 inches and above have to be BIS Certified.

     All Microwave oven, Visual Display Units, and monitors of screen size 32 inches and above must be BIS Certified.

     Same goes for printers, plotters, scanners, wireless keyboards, telephone answering machines, electronic music systems, electronic clocks, UPS and Inverters among several other products.

It is clear that BIS Certification is necessary for almost every product that we often use in our daily routine.