HT Cable Testing Lab

HT Cable Testing Lab

 HT Cable Testing Lab performs the essential task of testing the cables for performance, safety and reliability for the customers to use. The purpose of testing cables for HT or high tension is to assess the condition of the cables during transmission of electric power. The aim of performing HT tests or high voltage tests on cables is to detect the cable for any defects or weakness or breakdown of the insulation. It is done to prevent any accident or electric failure during use. 

 Benefits of HT Cable Testing Lab Services

Mentioned below are the important benefits of high-tension cable testing:

     Prior testing helps in preventing damage to life and equipment due to power outages.

     Cables tested for quality as per the national and international standards ensure the safety of the public at the time of their use.

     Quality checks such as high tension cable tests also help to expand their lifespan.

     Electric distribution networks can be relied upon when good quality cables are used.

Testing Standards

 In India the IS 10810 and the IS 1554 are the standards for electrical cable testing. These Indian standards for cable testing have different parts further in which various tests are performed. The standard mark of these tests on the cables ensure quality and thus provide a competitive edge in the market to the manufacturers. Therefore, it is beneficial for both the seller and the customer. 

 How are These Tests Performed?

 KC India Laboratories has a separate facility to perform each type of tests. These facilities have all the required equipment for testing. For HT Cable testing, a sample of the cable is taken and subject to high voltage to check the performance and capacity of the cables. During these tests the cables should not burn or break, nor the insulation of the cable should be harmed. Certain other tests are performed similarly to check the quality and strength of the cable. After the completion of all the tests successfully the products are certified by the BIS and they can be given the standard mark of quality assurance. 

Different types of Tests

 There are tests that are performed on cables. Some of them are listed below:

     Spark Test

     High Voltage Test

     Partial Discharge Test

     Impulse Test

     Bending Test

All of these tests come under the IS 10810. You can get your products and cables tested at KC India Laboratories.