IP Testing Labs In India

IP Testing Labs In India

KC India is the best IP testing Lab in Delhi. As you know it before, IP codes are used to indicate the degree of water-proof and dustproof properties of electric equipment. IP is stand for an abbreviation of International Protection. Electrical and mechanical products for outdoors use as well as portable equipment for industrial, office, and home use benefits greatly from evaluating its protection against foreign matter and water intrusion.

What IP Codes Defines?

What IP codes defined in IEC 60529 classifies? It shows the degree of protection against the ingress of foreign material (including steel balls, copper wire, dirt and dust, water) into the enclosure of electrical and mechanical products. The first digit of IP code (0 to 6) refer for the level of protection that the enclosure provides against the ingress of solid objects such as tools, wires, hands, fingers or dust and the second digits of IP (0 to 8) define the level of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against the ingress of water. Like: IP54 means that the level of protection against the ingress of solid objects is 5 and the level of protection against the ingress of liquid is 4.

How IP Testing Lab Performs the Testing?

Ingress Protection Testing Lab perform activities of testing step by step. Now you can understand how IP digits work and what the meaning of those digits. The IP Codes range from IP0X to IPX9.

  • The first digits of IP ranges from 0 to 6, define the protection against the solid objects like: wires, dust, toll etc.
  • The second digits of IP ranges from 0 to 9 define the equipment protection against water ingress.
  • Most important information is two digits protections of ingress marking codes are completely independent of each other. Some devices only need to be IP rated to one of the two digits.
  • In these given parameters, there are 70 combinations of ingress protection codes.
  • We are also expert of number of the standards that reference IP Code testing including IEC 60259, IEC 60598, DIN 40050-9, NEMA 250 and ISO 20653.
  • There is a cross-reference chart between NEMA and IP Codes, which has been included lower on this page.

What is Ingress Protection (IP)?

An Ingress Protection (IP) rating refers to the degree of protection an electronic or electrical enclosure provides against external dust, fluid, insects, or other objects that may pass through into the product.IP testing Labs helps ensure and validate a product’s enclosure will withstand moisture and dust and perform as expected in environments where extreme weather conditions are prevalent.

Although ingress protection (IP) testing is voluntary, specifiers and purchasers often request an IP Rating in order to verify your lighting product’s acceptability for use in outdoor or industrial applications. We validate that your product’s enclosure will withstand moisture and dust, and will perform as expected in environments where these conditions are prevalent. With IP testing  per IEC 60529, you can confidently stand by your performance claims.

An Ingress Protection rating may be the additional proof of product quality verification that gives you the competitive advantage you seek. Download our white paper below for an insight on water/dust ingress testing and how it applies to the requirements specific to lighting products

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