Vibration Testing Lab

KC India Testing Laboratories is providing you Vibration Testing Lab for every type of equipment. KC India has been performed vibration testing in excess of 200 GRMS in a single band and can hook up in excess of 100 data channels. We have very expert engineers, who understand proper placement of accelerometers and force limiting instrumentation. If you need a high number of data channels? Our systems can accommodate 60 or more data channels and still give you the data right at the end of the test with a formal report following in less than two weeks.

Vibration Testing Labs Require for? 

We perform the vibration testing lab to test your vibration equipments. We are working with a wide variety of tests designed to evaluate or materials when subjected to various types of noise/sound.
Facilities which we are providing
KC India Vibration Testing Laboratories is calibrating to compensate for the impact of ambient vibrations on testing processes. You must know about it, all buildings also have undesirable vibration, of an offence by nearby equipment. We are Minimizing the transfer of vibrations between testing equipment and the facility floor is essential — this is getting complete by the use of air bearing pads, high-mass bases and other components.
KC India Test Lab, facilities which we are providing have been specifically set up in accordance with current best practices for reaction mass, isolation mass and inertial mass design. This allows us to produce the most accurate results when performing vibration tests on sensitive components. 

Vibration Testing Laboratories Benefits 

Vibration testing labs copy the conditions that a product might go throw during its lifetime while under a test environment. We can use Vibration testing to ensure that products are robust and perform safely during operation or transit, avoiding unexpected performance or early life failure in field.
In Vibration Testing Laboratories Most of the Element has extensive experience in vibration testing services and our vibration laboratories feature electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic systems that can replicate low and high frequency conditions. Vibration testing can be completed while the product is in operation, including electrically and hydraulically, and can be performed in combination with temperature extremes. 
Meeting challenging requirements: Element’s Vibration Testing Services across the India help companies meet the latest defense, aerospace, transportation and commercial requirements, including:
1. Random
2. Sinusoidal
3. Resonance Search & Dwell
4. Narrow Band Random on Random
5. Sign-on Random
6. Combined Temperature and Vibration
7. Helicopter Rotor Frequency Simulation
8. Gunfire Simulation
9. SRS
10. Blade-off vibration (engine fan blade loss and wind milling)