IS 9968 Testing Lab

IS 9968 Testing Lab

IS 9968 part 2, covers the requirements of heat resisting elastomer insulated cables for fixed installation and flexible cables for single phase and three-phased systems, appropriate for voltage of 3.3 kV up to and including 33 kV.

These cables are appropriate for use where the combination of ambient temperature and temperature increase because of the load results in a conductor temperature not exceeding 90-degree under normal operating conditions and 250-degree under short circuit conditions.

Test Requirements of IS 9968 Testing (Part 2)

1. Physical Test on Round or Formed Wire

• Tensile test • Elongation at break

• Torsion test for round wires

• Winding test for formed wires

• Uniformity test for zinc coating

• Mass of zinc coating

• Resistivity

Type Test for IS 9968

• The below-mentioned test is covered under the type test of IS 9968 -

• Annealing test (for copper)

• Tensile test for aluminum

• Wrapping test for aluminum

• Conductor resistance test

• Persulphate test (for copper)

3. Flammability Test

A flammability test will be performed, period after removal of the flame shall not exceed 60 seconds the unaffected (uncharted) portion from the lower edge of the top damp shall be at least 50 mm.

4. Acceptance Test for IS 9968

The below-mentioned test must be performed under the Acceptance test -

• Annealing test (for copper)

• Tensile Test (for aluminum)

• Copper test (for aluminum)

• Conductor resistance test

• Test for the thickness of insulation and sheath and overall diameter

• Tensile strength and elongation at break of insulation and sheath

• Hot set test for insulation and sheath (where applicable)

• High voltage test

• Insulation resistance test

IS 9968 Part 2, an Indian Standard applicable to electrical cables, which are usually used in the Mining industry and metro industries, is one of the major contributors to our economic development. Considering that, it is not only essential but mandatory to ensure conformance with specifications mentioned in IS 9968 Part 2 with the purpose to introduce your product in the Indian market.

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