Scanner Testing Lab

KC India is providing you scanner testing, here we test your scanner with multi steps of Testing. The exact mix of tests that we run depends on the particular Scanner Testing and the software it comes with, the tests are done from the standard suite, with tests for optical character recognition (OCR), documents, business cards, photographic prints, slides, and strips of film.

Different Type Of Testing Steps In Scanner Testing Lab
 1 Testing Of OCR capability- What we do in this testing, we scan several pages of text samples with a single font on every page in different sizes, and we report to client about the accuracy in terms of the smallest size for each font that the scanner is able to read without a mistake. We also test presence or absence of an ADF (automatic document feeder), the ability of read both side of page, and features of software. We also check the advance function of Scanner like digital enhancement and all.
 2 Testing of Document Scanning- We also tests that whether the scanner has an ADF or sheet feeder with accuracy in Scanner Testing Laboratories. If it has ADF, how many pages it can handle. We also check any bundled document management and indexing programs. To test speed for document scanning, we time a series of scans, using multiple-page documents for scanners with automatic document feeders (ADFs) or single pages for scanners that lack ADFs.
Scanners with Adfs- We calculate the times in pages per minute for scanning for image and PDF file. We also look for ipm—with one image on each side of the page for scanning in duplex to an image PDF file. We also evaluate the difference in time, in minutes, seconds, between scanning to image PDF.
 4 Testing for Business Card Scanning and Management- We are providing the testing for presence or absence of an ADF or sheet feeder suitable for business cards. We look for the ability to read business cards accurately and text into the right fields in a database. So you have best testing with best result in our Scanner testing labs.
Testing for photo scanning- Most important part of our lab is we scan designated test photos properly and test for scan quality, also check plus features like digital dust removal, scratch removal, grain removal, and color restoration that can improve the results. 
 6 Testing Of Slide Scanning- when we doing Testing for Slide scanning, we scan the test slides of your scanner and look at many of the same features as for photos. We are considering the capabilities of the bundled photo editor and related software like photo-album programs; batch scanning for multiple slides; and the maximum optical resolution, which determines how large an image you can print at reasonably high quality.
 7 Testing of film scanning- We define as strips of film whether it is positive or negative in leading Scanner Testing Labs. We scan a test image from a strip of film and look at essentially the same features as for slides. We also test for the number and range of film sizes the scanner can handle.