Tec Testing Lab

 KC India Test Laboratories is a TEC recognized laboratory for Tec testing labs. TEC stands for Telecommunication Engineering Centre which  is a nodal technical agency of Department of Telecommunications, Govt. of India, for constituting and dealing various National Working Groups (NWGs) corresponding to respective ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union-Standardization Sector) Study Groups (SGs).

It prepares specification of common standards with regard to Telecom network equipment, services and interoperability. It issues Interface Approvals, Certificate of Approvals, and Service Approvals & Type Approvals. Our Tec Testing Lab of the India best testing lab for TEC Labs   
TEC is committed to develop specifications and standards for Telecommunication sector in India and to carry out its functions as testing & certification body to ensure development of modern and efficient Telecom networks and use of standards compliant devices in India and their interoperability. TEC Testing Laboratories covers all products under telecom network equipment like mobile, routers, servers, etc.
In KC India Test Laboratories we have a facility for testing like Mobile Testing (Mobile Testing Lab), Routers (Router Testing Lab), and Server (Server testing lab)