IT & Electronics Testing

Our IT & Electronics Test Laboratory is fully equipped with proper machinery and modernized intruments. All the tests are done under supreme guidance and with proper safety and precautions. All the laboratory environment requirements are fulfilled as per the concern standards.

Testing Facilities and Products

K C India Test Laboratories LLP offers one stop solution for testing of all DIETY(Department of Electronics and Information Technology) notified products to meet the growing demand for IT and customer electronic products where manufacturers need faster, accurate, and efficient services to meet the requirement as per Indian/International Standards.


Complete testing facility for various types of  IT product such as:


Sl. NO.

      IS NO.

               IS NAME



IS 616

Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus - Safety Requirements.

·         Electronic Games (Video)

·         Plasma/ LCD/LED TV (32” inch).

·         Optical Disc Players with built in amplifiers (200W & above).

·         Amplifiers (2000W & above).

·         Electronic Musical Systems (200W & above.

·         Power Adaptors for Audio, Video & Similar Electronic Apparatus.


IS 13252

(Part 1)

Information Technology Equipment - Safety - General Requirements.

·         Laptop/Notebook/Tablets.

·      Visual Display Units, Video Monitors of (32" & above).

·         Printers, Plotters.

·         Scanners.

·         Wireless Keyboards.

·         Telephone Answering Machines.

·         Set Top Box.

·         Automatic Data Processing Machine.

·         Power Adaptors for  IT Equipments.

·         Mobile Phones.

·         Cash Registers.

·         Point of Sale Terminals.

·         Copying Machines/Duplicators.

·         Smart Card Readers.

·   Mail Processing Machines/Postage Machines/Franking Machines.

·         Passport Reader.

·    Power Banks for use in portable applications.


IS 302

(Part 2/

Sec 25)

Safety of household and similar electrical appliances: Part 2 Particular requirements: Section 25 Microwave ovens.

·         Microwave Ovens.


IS 302

(Part 2/

Sec 26)

Safety of household and similar  electrical appliances: Part 2  Particular requirements: Section 26 Clocks.

·         Electric Clocks with Mains Power.


IS 16242

(Part 1)

General and Safety Requirements for UPS.

·         UPS/Invertors (≤5Kva).


IS 15885

(Part 2/

Sec 13)

Safety of Lamp Control gear Part 2 Particular Requirements Section 13 d.c. or a.c. Supplied Electronic Control gear for LED Modules.

·         DC or AC Supplied Electronic Control gear for LED Modules.


IS 16102

(Part 1)

Self-Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting  Services Part 1 Safety Requirements.

·     Self-Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services.



(Part 5/

Sec 1)

Luminaries Part 5 Particular Requirements Sec 1 Fixed General purpose luminaries.

·         Fixed General Purpose LED Luminaries.



(Part 5/

Sec 3)
Luminaries Part 5 Particular Requirements Sec 3 Luminaries for Road and Street Lighting.
Luminaries for Road and Street Lighting.

IS/IEC 60529

Ingress of Protection (Degrees).

Electrical & Electronics Products. 

IP1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X & 6X. 

IPX1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7 & X8

11. 16106/ IES LM 79-08 Methods of Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid State Lighting Products (LED) Products. Solid State Lighting Products (LED) Products.
12. 16333(Part 3)

Mobile Phone Handsets   Part 3 Indian Language Support for Mobile Phone Handsets-Specific Requirements.

Mobile Phone Handsets.