Salt Spray Testing Lab

 Salt spray testing  is a strategy for checking the erosion opposition of coatings and materials used to fabricate items like clasp. During salt shower testing, a sped up destructive assault is delivered to all the more likely foresee how well the covering secures the metal.

We conduct salt spray testing in our laboratories to determine the strength & sturdiness of the anti-corrosive film that is applied over the metallic parts of the vehicle. In the salt shower test cupboard painted/covered boards, vehicle parts i.e Electro-plated, Painted, and Anodized and so on are presented to a fog of salt over a time of test length. Soaked air delivered by showering basic salt arrangement into an encased bureau makes moist climate upto 98%. The articles being situated for this sped up consumption test so that they are presented to the hot fog created in the chamber, through the controlled air and fluid spouts. The instrument is reasonable for testing according to IS/BS/ASTM norms. Testing is done at 35 deg penny. Or then again even upto 50 deg penny.